Monday, December 3, 2007


We got our first real winter snow this weekend. Ian's not sure what to think about it. He sure hates getting bundled up though. Just like most little kids I guess. He's smart though, inside he hates having a hat on his head. But as soon as we go outside he stops pulling at it and just leaves it on. Once the car gets warm, he starts pulling on it again.

Alison went outside and played in the snow today. It was pretty cold out, but she stayed out for about a half an hour. I don't think she even made it off the deck.

Ian did something cute this weekend. We went to my Aunt Rosalie's community choir Christmas concert. He did really good for the first half of the performance and was even getting the hang of clapping at the end of each song. That night when I took him in to go to bed, I turned on his night-time cd and at the end of the first song, he clapped. It was so cute.

For Alison for school this month, I printed a bunch of Christmas themed pages from various websites. So far she's done some secret code pages and some hidden picture pages, we still have a huge stack with math, reading, puzzles, mazes, crosswords and stories. Between those, decorating the tree and working on Christmas projects, she'll be very busy this month.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Let's just pretend that November didn't happen

I can't believe that November is done already! Sorry that I haven't updated in so long. Let's see, what happened in November...

Ian is now walking! He started at the beginning of the month with just a few steps here and there. Then he'd walk about 25% of the time but still crawl when he wanted to get somewhere fast. He walked with his arms straight out in front of him like a little Frankenstien monster. Now he walks about 90% of the time. He loves picking things up and carrying them around. He seems to pick huge things too, like giant balls. He is also getting good at climbing. This is different for us as Alison wasn't a climber at all. We had to move the chair away from the stair railing because he figured out how to get into the chair and he was studying the railing and the arm of the chair. We didn't want him going over the edge so the chair got pushed up against the loveseat. It looks weird, but at least Ian won't be base jumping off the railing.

Alison is very excited. We were worried about how Ian would do with a Christmas tree and we were thinking about putting a tree on the deck and putting birdfeeder ornaments on it instead of having one inside. She liked that idea, but was still very sad that we wouldn't have a tree inside. I got a super deal on a new (to us) tree. It was $20 at a local 2nd hand store. It's much bigger than our old tree. I was shocked at how much bigger it was. I put it up last night after the kids went to bed. It's huge! Alison was so happy today. Ian just doesn't know what to think. Between our first real snow yesterday and now waking up to a tree in the living room he's excited, but confused. So far he has touched it a couple times, but hasn't pulled or anything. We don't have lights or ornaments yet. Well, technically I'm wrong, Alison made a snowflake tree top for it already. She's so creative. She added a twist tie to the back of her snowflake so that it could be slid over the treetop.

We have lots to do in the next few weeks (just like everybody else, right?) My goal is to get my Christmas shopping done this week. We have lots of craft projects to do and food gifts to either make or assemble ingredients for mixes. Lots of exciting stuff that I can't tell you about because some of my blog readers are going to be getting these gifts. So I'll have to post later about all the cool stuff we are making this year.

I'll try to be better about writing this month!