Sunday, April 27, 2008

This isn't working out the way I planned

I'm finding it really hard to blog lately. Lots of wonderful stuff has been happening, but it seems like I never remember to write it down. Part of it is because I want the perfectly balanced accounts of Ian and Alison and life just doesn't work like that. I'm going to try to write more often, but less elaborate posts and see what happens.

So what have I missed telling you about?

Alison lost her first tooth on the 18th of this month. As with all new things she was terrified of it coming out, but then she was eating a snack and it just popped out. Whew! Now that it's over she's convinced next time will be easier. I can only hope so. We gave her a cute little toothfairy doll that has a base to stick her tooth in and for the toothfairy to leave a surprise in. This time the toothfairy left a golden Sakajawea dollar. Alison was very excited. She loves her money collections.

Also on the tooth front, Ian is getting 3 of his 4 canine teeth at once. We had a rough couple days were I had to give him some Motrin because he was so miserable. But we are past that for now. Hopefully we'll have a decent teething break before the 2 year molars come in.

Alison wanted to start a lemonade stand. After we talked about it though, we decided we just don't have the right kind of neighborhood for that and she really doesn't like lemons anyway. She decided to sell her artworks instead since that's something she is good at and enjoys doing. We again decided that setting up shop in the front yard probably wouldn't work. So Alison decided an online business would probably be the best. She made her sign for her store (Spring Art Sale). Because as she says, "Everybody likes a sale!" She is now creating several works of art to put in her store. They are all beauties. I'll start a new blog for her art offerings and post a link here. Some of you lucky readers will even get emails about it. Her pricing strategy is wonderful and makes sure that anybody who wants her art will be able to afford it.

That's about it for now. Ian's getting into stuff he shouldn't (surprise, surprise) so I need to get him before he makes a huge mess.

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can't wait to see the Spring Art Sale!